I've done a lot of projects on varying topics for work but due to the nature of the industry are hard to share publicy. However, I have done some cool rojects that are publicly accessible and am sharing them below.

Landing Pages

For Country Caucus

  • Design based on provided logo, client allowed for an energetic and cooperative design
  • Animations on entry and hover to add friendliness
  • Create a table view for legislation with view/hide functionality to display a large amount of information in a concise section
For Country Caucus top of the page. A background video of stock footage of servicemen with the text 'Principles Before Politics' and 'Our Mission' shown.For Country Caucus page Leadership section. Shows 4 caucus chair images in circles.For Country Caucus page latest news section. A press release next to three images of caucus members cleaning monuments.For Country Caucus page media section. A carousel of three photos and then below that another carousel of three videos.
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Women, Peace, and Security Caucus

  • Staid and conservative design preferences from the client.
  • Resources section that allows for any size content but will resize based on height of text.
Women, Peace, and Security Caucus top of the page. A picture of women in uniform with the text Women, Peace, and Security on top and below that is a mission statement.Women, Peace, and Security Caucus page. Contact section with contact information for the co-chairs.Women, Peace, and Security Caucus page latest updates section. Shows an image of an service woman holding a camera next to a news article with a scroll bar.Women, Peace, and Security Caucus page resources section. Three cards with a seal, heading, text, and a call to action button.
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Personal Projects

Homebrew Dungeons & Dragons Quarantine Card Game

During the COVID-19 quarantine my D&D group had to adapt to playing virtually. We had incorporated a custom card game element into our campaign that we couldn't easily play with any off the shelf solutions. So, I forked an existing project with a 52 card deck and built out custom decks for each of the 5 players using the same cards we had in our physical decks to play virtually.

  • Had to decipher some one else's code with little documentation to figure out what to modify for my use case
  • Added helpful modals for each player tracking game points and credits
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Tools Used

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