About this site

by Torsten Knabe

  • This site is built with Eleventy and hosted on Netlify.

  • This means that the whole site is static and compiled at build time. This keeps it lightening fast and performant.

  • When I push an update to git, netlify rebuilds the site and updates their CDN.

  • I'm currently using the Netlify CMS to manage the content. It works but over time I may change to something else like Contentful because I want a stellar mobile content creation experience and the Netlify CMS doesn't provide that.

    • Alternatively I may aim for contributing to the Netlfiy CMS project, although I looked into it and it's quite complicated to make everything responsive.
  • I have intentionally added as little client side JS as I can, and made design decisions to enforce that (limiting animation to just CSS for example). The majority of the site logic is CSS, with a single media breakpoint.

  • On mobile the navigation button is on the lower left because I'm left handed. I'm tired of always having to reach to the bottom right hand corner on other sites.

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